MaruMaru was born in Madrid in 1975, is currently living and working in Berlin.

Graduated in 2005, completed her degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense Madrid.

Before moving to Berlin in 2006, she worked in Architecture agencies keeping Art involved with Interior Design and Domestic structures for , she also worked in Publicity Agencies as Interactive Creative and she developed websites like (Scholz&Friends) and for Art Galleries like .

After all these processes she decided to dedicate herself fully to Art.

Textile designer, painter, drawer, photographer and filmmaker, with an extensive background developing videos, animations, and web content for clients in art, architecture and fashion, Maru arrived at her practice with an aesthetic sense in the art of challenge the perception of tenderness, solitude, nostalgia, seduction, and desire.
Her works often show the privacy of the loneliness in relationships between women and places. The background in architecture and film strongly influences her approach to spatial concerns, surrounding and reflection of the self-image.

On the translation of photography into Painting, her subject deals between reality and color-texture.

Blending abstraction and realism, her work interrogates concepts in historical and contemporary identity and tries to reflect her self-image.

Her influences include some from David Hockney´s later works, crossing with sediments of Primitivism and Pre Colonialism art and geometrical Structures.

Her works are selected in many contests and join Collections as "La Calcografía Nacional" Spanish National Archive of Engravings and Etchings

She teaches contemporary art and textile design at her Studio in Berlin. She worked in 2005 in Educathyssen developing new projects to bring children closer to Contemporary Art Museums.
She enjoyed many Grants and Scholarships in different Departments of the Complutense University of Madrid 2005.

She has participated in exhibitions in Spain, France, Denmark, Berlin... Her work has appeared in advertising and editorial.
Integrating some art collectives and groups as "Trece Perras", "Bonus-Extra","Clavicula" and "DEVOT" she has participated in numerous group shows.
She participates regularly in the creation of new ideas for music video and music performances.


Higher Diploma in Fine Arts, Creativity, Photography, Design UCMadrid

Printmaking, Audio-Visual Comunication, Silk Screen Printing, Drawing and Painting.

Communication Sciences High Institute, Marketing and Publicity UCMadrid

Art-Direction, Scriptwriting, Film and Tv

Educational Sciences High Institute UCMadrid

Pedagogic Aptitude Certificate

ARGO SCOLARSHIP Leonardo European Program. Salamanca Univ MIGRANTAS Collective, BERLiN 07

THYSSEN BORNEMISZA MUSEUM Foundation Madrid Investigation Projects Grant 04/05

MUPAI Infantile Art Museum Investigation Projects Grant 04/05

Drawing Department Universidad Complutense Madrid Dep. Collaborator Grant 04/05

Graphical Expression Didactic Dep. Collaborator Universidad Complutense Madrid 04/05




2 0 1 1

CONTEMPORANEAN: Projekt kreation, Website Design und Programmierung

La tienda del Bebé: Web, Art Direction, Interior and Corporate Design

GRACIELA MARIA: Website Design und Programmierung

2 0 0 9

Scholz & Friends Berlin: Interaktive Kreativ, Website Design und Programmierung

JAHCOOZI: Web, VideoClip Edition and Effects Realisation BLN

DEFINIT-E: Projekt kreation, Website Design und Programmierung

2 0 0 8/0 7

GALERÍA BETTY GUERETA: Website Design und Programmierung


URBANSTR e.V: Video Workhop Projekt in Lemgo-Grundschule

MIGRANTAS KOLLEKTIV: Animation 2D, Design and Illustration


FRIVOLOUS: VideoClip Production and Realisation Moonshine

CARLOS SANDOVAL: Videoclip Realisation Live-electronics. Commissioned by TU Elektronisches Studio, TU

PANYEGO MAGAZINE: Design Manager, Layout and Preprinting.

2 0 0 6

SILVERSTARSTUDIOS: Props Assistant. “Ufos above Berlin II”

URSULA ANDJæR OLSEN: Web Site Collaboration

FEM05 -MADRID EDITION: Festival Photo Coverage Premiere Hotel Las Letras.

DIETRICH MANN: Etching Workshop Assistant. Madrid

REPSOL CEO: Florist Decoration

2 0 0 5

AGUIRRE NEWMAN Illustrator and Interior Designer.

ARCHITECTURE PROJECT: Implementation Projects and Project Management

Bancaja, New Offices and Reception. Mª de Molina, 39.

Bancaja, CEMECO Building Distribution, Valencia.

Colegio Registradores Valladolid, Valencia y Laredo.

Gastón y Daniela, New Offices.

Grupo Marsans, New Offices. Pórtico Building, Campo de las Naciones.

Ebro Puleva.

Mutua Madrileña Automovilística.

OMD, Comunication.


Grupo Ferrovial. New Store Illustration, Paseo de la Castellana.

Real Madrid, Centenary Museum. Santiago Bernabeu Football Ground.

ABN Amro Reception, Ortega y Gasset 29.


TORRE ESPACIO, Consulting.

“Diary La Expansión”. Faldón Media Página INVERSIONES.

URBAN CONSULTING PROJECTS Madrid Council City-Planning Arrangement Gral Plan. Precise Modifications.

Sevilla Council City-Planning Arrangement Proposal Majaloba. Presentation Panels.

Sevilla Council City-Planning Feria, Presentation Panels. SURBAN.

Madrid Community City-Planning Project. CRAFTS CITY.


Las Rosas MADRID: Artistic Education and Child Creativity


Ntra. Sra. de la Luz MADRID: Artistic Education and Child Creativity

2 0 0 4

CIBELES 04: Jesús del Pozo/ Antonio Alvarado; Print on Suits; Collaboration with artists Okuda and San.

WARNER BROS: Madrid Tematic Park Wall Restoration, Signs and Decoration. Graphic Comunication.

3TTMan: Silk Screen Printing wearing clothes

THYSSEN BORNEMISZA MUSEUM: Artistic Education and Child Creativity

1 9 9 9

UCM Drawing Department: Documentation and Catalogue...

UCM Photography Department: Audiovisual Publicity Collaboration..

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